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3600 Waterbury-Stowe Road, Waterbury, VT 05677 • Ph: 802-244-8771

Cold Hollow Cider is probably one of the most famous cider operations in New England. The cider donuts are indeed legendary. Cold Hollow Cider sells fresh milled cider from Macintosh Apples. You’ll also find a large assortment of Vermont products, souvenirs, and gifts.

Apple harvest time is early fall. The apple cider produced at Cold Apple Cider Mill is made the old-fashioned way with a traditional rack and cloth press from the 1920’s. The results are amazing flavor and freshness. You can see the process in action during the pressing time. Cold Apple Cider Mill also sells Vermont specialty foods, apple sauce, jellies, jams and other goodies.

Vermont Living Magazine suggests you call ahead to confirm hours of operation. Please share your Cold Hollow Cider reviews and comments. Feature your VT business, contact us.

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