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VTauctions2So, what’s all the fuss about online auctions on the WWW? It seems barely a day passes without someone announcing a new internet auction web site. Everyone is jumping on the auction bandwagon, and the reason(s) have more to do with human nature than economics. It seems everyone loves a “bargain”, especially online shoppers. Ask us about Auctions or share comments. To feature your VT auction, contact us.

Auction Bids & Winning Online Auctions

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Check out our internet auction FAQs below with useful suggestion on how to win and play safe when bidding at online auction site.

Are There Really Super-Buys Available On-line?

VTauctionsDo the auction sites truly offer outstanding values and big savings for the consumer? Can a legitimate bargain be found in an on-line web site? The answer is sometimes, but as usual “buyer beware”. In the frenzy of internet bidding it often becomes competitive, and at times, prices can actually exceed discount house or your local merchant(s). Sometimes the desire to “win” the auction inflates prices to normal retail and beyond. (“I’ll be damned if I’m going to let that “****-head” from Minnesota outbid me this time.”)

Read the rules BEFORE bidding at any auction. Some Auction Houses do not offer refunds or exchanges of any kind. Know your electronic merchant’s rules and report any violations immediately.

Is It “Safe” To Give My Credit Card Over The Internet?

Actually it is quite “safe” to give your credit card to a reputable “on-line” merchant. The odds of someone “stealing” your card number and running up bills on your card are very, very small indeed, even on non-encrypted sites. Secure servers further protect the consumer. Most of us do not think twice about giving our credit card numbers to gas station attendants, waitresses and to companies over the telephone. The internet is as safe or safer than standard telephone lines.

Do Some People Really Save Hundreds of Dollars?

The Internet Auction sites are growing in popularity. The sites do, on occasion, offer exceptional values. The consumer must carefully examine the model number and details of the product he/she is bidding on. Some items are “factory reconditioned” or “discontinued models”. Some great buys can however be found and it is but another fun way to experience the internet. After all some people just “love to shop,” why not try it on-line. You’re only a first timer once.

What Items Are For Sale At On-Line Auction Sites?

You can find just about anything for sale at an internet auction web site. Consumer goods, electronics, computer equipment, antiques, cars, musical instruments, collectibles, jewelry and more. If you have an item(s) you can even participate by selling your goods at some of the on-line auction houses.

Any trip to the Green Mountains will be enhanced greatly by attending a live auction. Auctions fun, exciting and can often result in an outstanding find. Please visit our regional listing of reputable Vermont auction houses and auctioneers who deal in a variety of collectible, antiques, and commercial matter, including estate sales, antique furniture, seized and surplus property, heavy equipment, vehicles, and electronics.

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