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Higher education is crucial for enriching your knowledge, helping you define yourself, and opening doors to your dream occupation. You can choose your courses between the colleges and universities in your area based on your interests and GPA. As always, you need to apply with a letter, essay, and maybe a portfolio. The recruiting staff will later determine among applicants which ones deserve a chance to study there.

Sure, you need to apply, then keep your fingers crossed, but it’s not all about them. You should aim for the best institutions for your path. In particular, the state of Vermont has a myriad of institutions that offer a broad range of courses and paths to take to your future. But what are the best?

A fantastic college or university offers a variety of courses with the best professionals teaching there. The structures are taken care of, and the services are amazing. Above anything else, though, it matters how specialized they are in your area. Can they offer the absolute best for your course? Read about the best colleges and universities in Vermont.

  1. University of Vermont
    The University of Vermont, a 231-year-old institution, ranks 117th on the national scale. It’s positioned near the Green Mountains, hence its colloquial name of University of the Green Mountains. Because of the rich natural landscape, students often become part of sororities/fraternities where they organize activities such as skiing, canoeing, and camping.
    The University of Vermont is not religiously affiliated and offers campus residence for first- and second-year students. Moreover, out-of-state students’ tuition multiplies four times (43, 890 USD). Meanwhile, in-state ones are quite modest (19,000 USD).
    They have a broad range of courses so that you can study anything from the medical sphere to gender studies. Nevertheless, natural resources, biomedical technology, and administration are the most popular courses.
  2. Middlebury College
    Middlebury College, founded in 1800, is a private school with a 59,770 USD tuition. It’s set in the countryside where skiing is popular during colder months. Another exciting activity is the Winter Carnival, which involves more skiing and live performances.
    First-year students need to stay on campus while the total undergraduate enrollment number is around 2500.
    This particular college ranks in the top ten of the National Liberal Arts list. Nonetheless, the most popular courses are in the economy, computer science, administration, and neuroscience departments.
    The acceptance rate is 22%, meaning you need high grades and possibly a well-written essay. 
  3. Vermont Technical College
    This public institution dates its origin to 1866 and specializes in engineering, sciences, technologies, and architecture-related courses.
    The out-of-state tuition is almost double the in-state one (16,522 USD) and doesn’t have many students each year even though the acceptance rate is 60% (SAT 988 – 1170 / ACT 16 – 23).
  4. Castleton University
    Castleton University is in a rural area, founded in 1787. It offers a vast range of majors and minors, from medical courses to cinema and arts.
    The admission rate is 84%, but there is a deadline for the submission of the results of ACT or SAT scores. Moreover, the in-state tuitions are 13,044 USD, while the out-of-state ones are 30,012 USD.Vermont Colleges VT University Students
  5. Bennington College
    Bennington College is a private college with a 60% acceptance rate. Nevertheless, applicants’ SAT/ACT have to range between 1240 – 1400 and 25 – 31.
    The fees are around 60,000 USD, and the position is also rural. It specializes in Liberal Arts such as literature, drama, music, dance, and more. It’s the 79th on the National Liberal Arts list.
  6. Saint Michael’s College
    Saint Michael’s College is a Roman Catholic institution. It’s one of the top private colleges for Liberal Arts and offers courses like biology, business, economics, education, environmental studies, and more.
    The acceptance rate is around 80%, but SAT/ ACT must range between 1130 – 1280 and ACT 24 – 29. Moreover, the fees are 48,690 USD.
  7. Norwich University
    Norwich University is a private university, ranking 19th among the best colleges for veterans. It’s most famous for majors in business, computer science, intelligence, criminal justice and law, and history.
    The fees are less than 45,000 USD, and the admission rate is 74%, with SAT/ACT results between 1040-1230 and 20-26.

Choosing the ideal university or college for you is vital. The things you learn, the people you meet, and the activities help you understand yourself better and create a path in life.
Education-wise, Vermont offers a few nationally and internationally accredited schools: the University of Vermont, Middlebury College, Vermont Technical College, Castleton University, Bennington College
Saint Michael’s College, and Norwich University.

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