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VTbird2Birdwatching is the fastest growing outdoor sport in America and Vermont is a great place to experience birds. Vermont is home to the full range of desirable songbirds found throughout the northern United States. Among the most popular species are bluebirds, chickadees, nuthatches, titmice, wren, and finches. Ask us about Vermont Bird Watching or share comments. Feature your business, contact VTLiving.

Vermont Birding – Bird Watching Tips

In a recent study by the U.S. Department of the Interior, appreciation of birds ranks second behind gardening as America’s favorite pastime. Birds add a fascinating dimension to our surroundings with their color, liveliness, and music. And, because they are wild creatures, they bring an element of nature into our lives. Perhaps this is why every year millions of Americans discover the pleasures of attracting birds to their yards.

Understanding how birds live in the wild, including what type of structures they prefer to dwell in, helps us better understand how to attract them to our yards. The four requirements necessabirds_robins_eggsry to attract and keep birds are food, water, protective cover, and a sheltered place to raise their young. The more of these elements that exist in and around the yard, the greater the chances of attracting birds.

Bird food can be in the form of various seed types available at full-service birding stores, as well as the variety of insects found in a typical yard or nearby environs.

Water is key to attracting and keeping birds. If a source is not available from a nearby stream or pond, consider placing a birdbath or two in your yard.

Protective cover in the form of trees and shrubs provide birds with a place to flee if they sense danger from the ground or above. And, a sheltered place to raise their young can be provided by placing birdhouses in and around your yard. An attractive and sturdy birdhouse and bird feeder will help you attract birds and keep them returning.


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