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Vermont cheese manufacturersWelcome to Vermont – home of some of the best cheesemakers in the world. Vermont Cheese producers are located throughout the state. Some award-winning cheese is currently being produced by small Vermont “family farms” and farm co-ops.

Vermont is famous for its great Cabot cheddar cheese, Jasper Blue Cheeses, Grafton Village Cheddar, Crowley Cheese Curds, and other Vermont artisan cheeses. Visit Vermont to witness cheese being made. Ask us about VT Cheesemakers or share your Vermont cheese comments. To feature your business, contact us.

Vermont Cheesemakers

Sugarbush Farm, Woodstock Attractions, Woodstock VT attractions, Maple Products, Vermont cheese
Sugarbush Farm, 591 Sugarbush Farm Road, Woodstock, VT 05091 | 800-281-1757
Sugarbush Farm is located on a 550 acre hilltop outside of Woodstock Village. Visitors watch cheese production, year round maple tours, sample Sugarbush Farm cheeses, Vermont Maple Products, local Honey, and other products. You can walk the nature trail, see farm animals, and best of all free admission. The farm is located 3 miles off US Route 4 on Hillside Road, across from the Taftsville Bridge, 3 miles east of Woodstock, VT. Sugarbush Farm Store is open daily from 9:00am to 5:00pm.
Visit Sugarbush Farm - Woodstock

Exploring the World of Vermont Cheesemakers: A Tour of Flavor and Tradition

Vermont, a state known for its picturesque landscapes and charming small towns, is also a haven for cheese enthusiasts. With a rich dairy heritage dating back centuries, Vermont cheesemakers have perfected the craft of creating delectable and distinctive cheeses. In this article, we’ll take you on a journey to discover some of the major cheesemakers in Vermont, each with its unique offerings and flavors.

Cabot Cheese

Cabot Cheese is one of Vermont’s most renowned cheesemakers. Founded in 1919 as a cooperative, Cabot takes pride in its award-winning cheddar and other dairy products. Their cheeses are made using locally sourced, high-quality milk, resulting in exceptional flavors that have earned Cabot numerous accolades and a loyal following.


Photo Title Price Buy
Cabot Mild Cheddar...image Cabot Mild Cheddar 7.5oz (3-pack) (1.4 pound) $72.99 ($72.99 / Count) On Sale
Cabot Cheddar Assortment...image Cabot Cheddar Assortment in Gift Box (33.25 ounce) $79.98 ($79.98 / Count) On Sale
JASPER HILL Bayley...image JASPER HILL Bayley Hazen Blue, 1 Pound $31.98 ($31.98 / Count) On Sale

Crowley Cheese Address: 14 Crowley Lane, Mount Holly, VT 05758

Established in 1824, Crowley Cheese is the oldest continuously operating cheese factory in the United States. This family-owned business crafts cheese using traditional methods, and their Crowley cheddar is celebrated for its unique taste and crumbly texture. Visiting this historic cheesemaker is like stepping back in time, and experiencing the essence of Vermont’s cheese-making heritage.

Jasper Hill Cheese Address: 199 Garvin Hill Road, Greensboro, VT 05841 Tel. 802-533-2566

Jasper Hill Farm is famous for producing artisanal cheeses that reflect the terroir of Vermont’s Northeast Kingdom. Their commitment to sustainable practices and cheese aging in underground cellars has earned them international recognition. Some of their popular creations include the Harbison, a soft-ripened cheese wrapped in spruce bark, and the Bayley Hazen Blue, a delightful blue cheese with complex flavors.

Famous Vermont Cheddar While not from a single specific cheesemaker, Vermont is renowned for its cheddar production. Many local dairies and cheesemakers in Vermont craft exceptional cheddar varieties, each with its distinct characteristics. From sharp and crumbly to smooth and creamy, Vermont cheddar is a must-try for cheese lovers. Below is our pick for a great-tasting Vermont Cheddar.

Grafton Village Cheese Address: 533 Townshend Road, Grafton, VT 05146

Grafton Village Cheese, located in the charming village of Grafton, produces artisanal cheeses with a nod to tradition. They offer a wide range of cheddar cheeses, from the classic to those aged with unique flavor profiles. The picturesque setting of their facility adds to the overall cheese-tasting experience.

Cheese-Wine Pairing Tips Pairing cheese with wine can elevate the tasting experience to new heights. When it comes to Vermont cheeses, consider these general tips for wine pairings:

  • Cheddar: A medium-bodied red wine like a Merlot or a fruity Zinfandel complements the rich flavors of Vermont cheddar.
  • Soft-Ripened Cheeses: The creamy texture of soft-ripened cheeses like Harbison goes well with a sparkling wine like Champagne or a crisp Sauvignon Blanc.
  • Blue Cheese: The intensity of blue cheese pairs wonderfully with a sweet dessert wine such as a Port or a Sauternes.

Health Benefits of Cheese Besides being a delight for the taste buds, cheese offers several health benefits when consumed in moderation:

  • Calcium: Cheese is a significant source of calcium, essential for maintaining strong bones and teeth.
  • Protein: It provides high-quality protein, crucial for muscle repair and overall body functions.
  • Vitamins and Minerals: Cheese contains essential vitamins like A, B12, and K, as well as minerals like zinc and phosphorus.
  • Fermented Probiotics: Some cheeses, like certain aged varieties, contain beneficial probiotics that promote gut health.

As you plan your Vermont cheese tour, remember to indulge responsibly and savor the rich flavors and history that each cheesemaker brings to the table. Vermont’s cheese scene is a celebration of tradition, innovation, and love for the craft, making it an unforgettable experience for any cheese enthusiast.

World-famous Cabot Vermont Cheddar

Websterville, VT

Grafton Village Cheese
Townshend Road
Grafton VT 05146

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