Magical Christmas Tree Room

The Magical Christmas Tree Room

A Holiday Tale for Christmas by W. Thomas Burns

Celebrate the Christmas Holiday Season by creating a new tradition. Ask us about Vermont or share Vermont Holiday comments. To feature your Vermont business, contact us.

Magical Christmas Tree Room – Holiday Book

Visit the delightful memories of Christmas past and remembered moments in The Magical Christmas Tree Room. magicalchristmastreeroom

This heart-warming story takes place in the heart of the Green Mountains of Vermont as told by W. Thomas Burns.

Discover why Mr. Burns loves the trip north through the white frosted mountains to an old family home that holds many childhood happy emotions. Envision as you read the amazement on the children’s faces, and the warm breath hitting the cool air as they hurry for the magical sleigh. Make this part of your holiday traditions this Christmas season and find out what makes this Christmas Tree Room magical.

The Magical Christmas Tree Room makes a great gift. Find more information or read a snippet from the book, click here.


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