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VTmedia2Where to Vermonters get their news? The local Vermont media scene is more diverse than ever. The local daily newspaper is evolving here in Vermont as it is across the nation. Many Vermonters now subscribe to the local “newspaper” – which is increasingly becoming an online publication (aka:  digital media outlet). Local Vermont Media includes Seven Day, a popular free weekly publication, Gannet’s Burlington Free Press, and dozens of daily and weekly VT newspapers. Vermont Broadcast media includes commercial network TV stations, local AM and FM radio stations, college radio channels, and VPRVermont Public Radio – which broadcasts on several FM radio channels throughout Vermont. Online Vermont Blogs are also becoming part of the ever changing Vermont Media marketplace. Please share your Vermont media comments and/or updates. Thank you for your visit to Vermont Living. To feature your VT business, contact us.

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Kevins Home Maintenance, Vermont Home Repairs, Vermont Home Maintenance,
Kevin's Home Maintenance, 21 Snowflake Drive, Jericho, VT 05465 | 802-760-9187
"No Job Too Big or Too Small" Services Offered Deck Building, Door & Window, Electrical, Engine Repair, Flooring, Home Remodeling, Interior Tile Landscaping, Masonry, Painting, Plumbing, Pressure Washing, Roofing, Welding. We handle any of your home improvement jobs. Yard work, stonewalls, repairs, inside and outside your home.
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Allen Brothers Oil Company, Westminster VT
Allen Brothers Farms, 6023 US Route 5, Westminster, VT 05158 | 802-722-3331
Allen Brothers Oil Company is a family owned and operated business that has grown to be one of the most trusted and competitive sources for home, office and commercial heating oil in southern Vermont and nearby NH. Give us a call, or drop us an email, and one of our warm and knowledgeable family members will assist you in any way they can. Committed to excellence all year, Allen Brothers Oil is the clear choice.
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Troy West Carpet Cleaning
Troy West Carpet Cleaning, 21 Brook Street, Barre, VT 05641 | 802-498-3718
Troy West Carpet Cleaning provides high quality dry foam carpet and upholstery cleaning. Dry foam cleaning provides a high level of soil removal, dries in 1-2 hours, cleans, deodorizes & brightens, and fluffs up heavy traffic areas. See the difference! Call Troy to schedule your appointment today.
Troy West Carpet Cleaning

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