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Vermont moose, Moose, VT WildlifeWelcome to Moosalamoo Vermont – a naturalist’s delight, a place to experience nature. Here in the Green Mountains of Northern New England, Moosalamoo comprises more than 20,000 acres of Southern Vermont. Moosalamoo is part of the Green Mountain National Forest. The USDA Forest Service manages the Green Mountain National Forest to conserve wildlife habitat diversity. Thus, Moosalamoo is an excellent place to hike and photograph or observe nature. Please share your Moosalamoo comments and reviews. Nearby Vermont towns and villages include; MiddleburyBrandonGoshenLeicesterRipton and Salisbury. Ask us about Vermont’s Moosalamoo or share Green Mountain National Forest comments. To feature your Vermont business, contact us.

Vermont Wildlife & Moosalamoo Hikes

Moosalamoo Vermont Moose Abenaki Indian TribeMoosalamoo is an Abenaki word, meaning “the moose departs,” or “trails of the moose.” The first visitors to this area were of course, Native Americans. The Mississquoi band of the Abenaki tribe lived in the area before European settlers arrived in the early 1700’s. The nomadic Abenaki Indians traveled through the mountain gaps of Middlebury and Brandon. Moosalamoo’s natural resources sustained the Abenaki. They used quartzite stone for tools, wintergreen for oil, fished the lakes, and hunted the forests.

This portion of the Green Mountain National Forest offers bird watching, Native American heritage exploration, berry picking, hiking, skiing, biking, and camping. There are more than 60 miles of cross country ski trails, maintained by the Blueberry Hill Inn, Rikert Ski Touring Center and the Churchill House Inn.

Vermont Green Mountain National Forest Camping

There are camping facilities in Moosalamoo, ranging from primitive campsites to fully developed campgrounds. Check with the Green Mountain National Forest for information about camping in Vermont.

Moosalamoo Vermont Green Mountain National Forest Hikes and Nature Trails

The diversity and richness of Mossalamoo’s ecosystem is a national treasure. Tree species include: sugar maple, American beech, yellow birch, and other northern hardwoods. The USDA Forest Service manages the region. The limestone-rich geology and soil supports a diversity of plants and wildflowers. You’ll find plants like: herb robert, wild ginger, and maidenhair fern. Blueberries are abundant, pick your fill in the late summer. Wildlife includes: black bear, moose, white-tailed deer, rabbits, red-tailed hawks, bluebirds, owls, fox, raccoon, and the endangered peregrine falcon.

Moosalamoo Vermont lakes and streams are home to fish like: brook trout, perch, bass, and sunfish. Snapping turtles, salamanders, red-spotted newts and other reptiles and amphibians also make their home here.

The famous poet, Robert Frost, summered in Moosalamoo for 40 years. Much of Moosalamoo remains unchanged from the days Frost walked the trails and paths and observed the flora and fauna. Frost claims to have found inspiration and solitude from Moosalamoo.

Hiking trails are suitable for all levels of experience. Trails are clearly marked to ensure your safety and protect the natural resources. Please stay on the trails when hiking Moosalamoo. In winter, some trials are groomed for skiing and snowmobiling. Mountain biking is allowed on roads and designated trails. The barrier-free Robert Frost trail is signed with excerpts from Frost’s poems reflecting on nature.

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