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Promote your business locally and internationally in VT Living – Vermont’s Premier Internet Magazine since 1996. To place your business listing choose an option from the drop down menu below or call us at 802-221-1498 or 603-444-6750. Build new business, increase your web site visibility for one full year.

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Note: For Option 1 users with websites, add a link to www.vtliving.com from your website, notify us and we will upgrade your listing to Option 2 for no additional cost. All Ad Plans are for 12 months, no additional charges. One-time payment for up to 12 months of targeted advertising for your business. No refunds or partial refunds are available. Place Your Ad Now – Choose A Plan 

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For additional Advertising Options, Enhanced Listing Banners, Site-wide Banner Ads, Top-of-Page Banners, or Animated Ads click here. Please allow up to five business days for your ad listing(s) to appear online. Unapproved ads will be refunded in full. There is no refund and/or partial refund for approved and published ads. Charges will appear on your credit card or PayPal from Multimedia Advertising Services Inc.

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