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Moving To Vermont – Relocating Data – Where Do Our New Residents Come From?

Vermont real estate, VT real estate, Vermont realestate, VT,Vermont,realtors,realty,real estate agencies,Vt.,realtors,real estate listings, Vermont Homes For sale,It’s no secret that we’re a mobile society. Every year thousands of individuals, families, and companies pick up and move; in search of a better “quality-of-life”, a “better place to raise the children”, a “simpler lifestyle”, “a new job” or a myriad of other reasons. It is no wonder Vermont is their choice. So where do our new neighbors come from? According to the Internal Revenue Service, the migration data from 2009 show most are relocating from other nearby states.

The complete listing of aggregate migration data is listed below. If you would like information about relocating yourself, your family, or your business to Vermont contact one of our suggested Vermont Real Estate Agents. A reputable Vermont Realtor or Realty Agency can provide a wealth of data about your housing options, local taxes, schools, job opportunities, and more. Vermont Real Estate sections include; Vermont  Commercial Real EstateVermont Businesses For Sale, Lake Champlain area Real Estate, and Vermont  Vacation Rentals. Ask us about Moving to Vermont or share comments. To feature your business, contact us.

Living in Vermont

2009 Aggregate Migration Data: IRS Statistics of Income Division Public Assets Institute
To Vermont From: Number of People
New Hampshire 3,828
New York 2,673
Massachusetts 1,940
Connecticut 1,354
Maine 996
Pennsylvania 863
Florida 806
Colorado 800
New Jersey 558
Texas 404
Louisiana 384
Ohio 326
Illinois 313
Hawaii 262
Virginia 254
Wyoming 240
Rhode Island 225
Utah 207
Iowa 199
North Carolina 180
Wisconsin 173
Washington 167
Missouri 154
District of Columbia 152
New Mexico 148
Tennessee 126
Maryland 123
Georgia 115
Michigan 99
Alabama 64
Nebraska 58
Indiana 52
Minnesota 50
Arizona 46
Arkansas 46
Oklahoma 41
Kentucky 39
South Carolina 38
South Dakota 38
Nevada 30
Idaho 26


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