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Vermont Shopping Tips

Back to School and Everyday Shopping Ideas Save Time and Money

Vermont shopping malls, outlets, VT shopping centersWhether you find shopping to be a joy or not it is necessary. Back to school shopping is even more stressful than most because many things need to be bought in a short amount of time, differing opinions, and the anticipation of returning to school. So, to make the experience more enjoyable for everyone here are some guidelines to follow.  Ask us about VT Shopping or share store reviews and comments. To feature your Vermont retail business, contact us.

Vermont Shopping Tips

VT shopping malls, Vermont shopping centers, outlet mallsGENERAL SHOPPING TIPS

Bring a light snack. It will leave more money that can be spent on other things and give you more time for shopping.

Wear comfortable clothes, especially shoes. Being comfortable will help make the day more pleasant and last longer. Just make sure that they are easy to get on and off when in the dressing room. 

Make sure to have a meeting place set up if the group gets separated. This usually is not needed especially with cell phones today but not everyone has one and better safe than sorry.

Know ahead of time what you need, what you want, and what you have. Be aware of the difference between these three. This will help you from overspending.

Another way to keep from overspending is to have a budget in terms of how much can be spent on what. If there are exceptions set them ahead of time but otherwise stick to the preset limit.

Set some goals for the day. Having something to look for when you get started can help to launch the day off to a good start and gives everyone something to search for, like a scavenger hunt.

Make sure to take a break part way through the day. This will help to replenish your energy and give you time to take a look at what you have so far. Reminding yourself of what you have already purchased will help to put the rest of the day in perspective.

Be aware of who you are with. Knowing the group’s pace and chemistry as well as each person’s individual goals will help make the day better for everyone. 


Get a list of supplies from the school of what will be needed. 

Go through what the child already has at home so you don’t buy things you already have. Especially the child’s clothes and figure out what is being kept and what is not.

Come up with a list of clothing items that are needed for school and what is wanted.

Go through magazines and sites on the internet together. This will help to get an idea of the child’s style so that there is less drama on shopping day. This will also ensure that you are up to date on what is “cool” so that you can better suggest things that the both of you are ok with.

Another way to keep the stress to a minimum is to give the kid(s) a spending limit on clothes. This will help keep the drama down, teach them how to budget their spending and you won’t have to be the bad guy. 

Don’t buy all of the back to school clothes before school starts. Once the kids have been to school for a little while there is bound to be something really cool that is a must have.

Shopping till you drop may be fun but also makes for a stressful day. Pace yourself and know when you should stop. Do not leave shopping to the last minute.

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