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Lyndonville VTNortheast Kingdom Vermont community LyndonvilleLyndonville, Vermont is a village in the town of Lyndon. Home of Lyndon State College, Lyndonville has held a community fair annually since 1932. The Dairy Association Company, in Lyndonville, manufactures Bag Balm. Bag Balm was first produced to soothe the irritation on cows’ udders. Bag Balm has transitioned into a product sold at drug stores and ski resorts that helps heal chapped or irritated skin on humans. A copy of the famous Florence, Italy pig statue and fountain was made in Lyndonville and is locally known as the “Puking Pig”.To share any Lyndonville, VT information, contact us.

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Lyndonville VermontChartered: 1781
County: Caledonia
Lyndonville, VT Population:
2010: 1,207

GPS Coordinates:
Latitude: 44.323
Longitude: -72.03

Lyndonville, VT Local Information
Lyndonville Town Offices: 802-626-5785

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