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Us Travel tipsVermont Travel Information – before you get here, get the latest Vermont visitor information and resources. Although Vermont is not a very big state, you probably won’t see most of Vermont in one visit, unless your visit extends for several weeks or more. Plan your Vermont vacation in advance by deciding which region(s) of Vermont you are most interested in. Vermont is majestic and varied. The Lake Champlain region of Vermont is world famous, but many other areas of Vermont offers pristine lakes, wildlife, mountain vistas, and white water rivers.Ask us about Vermont travel tipping or share your Vermont visit comments. To feature your business, contact us.

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When to tip? How much to tip? How to tip? Let’s say Tipping (gratuities) can sometimes be confusing. Let this article serve as guide to tipping while travelling. Remember, tipping is meant as a form of thanks for services rendered, and is also used beforehand as an incentive for special treatment.

Extraordinary service deserves an extraordinary tip, so use your best judgement and be sure to adequately compensate (tip) for outstanding service.

You will find a minimal investment often pays off in extra special service that can contribute immensely to your business or vacation travel experience.

  • Travel with plenty of change and small bills for tipping.
  • Taxi and Limo Drivers- A $2.00 – $3.00 tip is the norm, more if you receive help with your bags.
  • Porters and Skycaps- The standard is $1.00 per bag, more for extra heavy luggage.
  • Hotel Bellman- $1.00 per bag when you check-in, another tip of $1.00 per bag when you check-out. A tip of $5.00 or more upon arrival can usually guarantee you special attention.
  • Doorman- A $1.00 tip for hailing a taxi, more for extra services like helping with your luggage.
  • Concierge- Tips of $2.00 – $20.00 are suggested. Tip for special treatment upon arrival or for providing special arrangements; like getting you reservations to the theatre, golf course, or dinner.
  • Hotel Maid- $1.00 per night is standard, more for extra ordinary service.
  • Parking Attendants- A tip of $1.00 – $2.00 when your vehicle is delivered.
  • Waiters / Waitresses- A tip of 15 – 20% of your pre-tax check is standard. Some hotels (and restaurants) automatically add a 15% gratuity to your bill, especially for room service and for large restaurant parties, so check your bill carefully before tipping.
  • Cloakroom Attendants- If there is a charge for the service, a tip is not necessary. A tip of $1.00 – $2.00 is appropriate, especially if extra care is taken with your coat and/or bags.
  • Tour Guide / Charter Bus Drivers- Tips of $1.00 – $2.00 per day or half-day. Week-lon

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