True North Granola

True North Granola

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Vermont Products: True North Granola

True North Blueberry GranolaHave you ever tried chocolate granola? You should. And might I suggest pairing it with maple yogurt? The combination is great. Thank you True North Granola for sending me your deeply rich and powerful Choco Granola made with organic Dutch cocoa powder, banana chips, and Vermont maple syrup. Your Choco Granola made my crazy and busy day a little bit more sweet!

We are quite thankful for all of the samples sent to us from True North Granola. It was hard to know which granola to start with as they all sounded delicious. Granola Blues with dried blueberries and coconut chips? Spunky Pumpkin with golden raisins and pecans? Or Go Nuts with almonds, pecans, and pistachios?

My 4-year-old loves nuts so we started with “Go Nuts” Granola. We found it to be crunchy, sweet and filled with nuts. I love to pair nuts with dried cranberries, which we found in this granola. Yum! It’s fantastic to have such a mix of textures. Nuts, cranberries, and both sunflower and pumpkin seeds. This will easily be our “go to” granola. A must-have at all times.

True North Chocolate Granola made in VermontWe also really enjoyed the Apricot granola as we are big fans of dried apricots and macadamia nuts! As I finish writing this post I am eating lunch. Lunch for me is usually an hour or two after the kids’. I put the kids to bed, clean up the house and then think “I am hungry!” I want something satisfying, that will fill me up, but not ruin my dinner appetite.

Most days my lunch is yogurt with granola. Today I am enjoying peach yogurt with True North’s Ginger (Gluten-Free) Granola. I snacked on a good amount of the granola before I let it meet my yogurt. The whole almonds and large pieces of dried pineapple blended well with the sweet rolled oats and the zing from the dried ginger.

You can easily tell that all of the True North Granolas are worth trying. Different days, different occasions, and different moods call for different granola. True North is helpfully offering so many choices to meet these needs.

Take a moment to read True North Granola’s Eight Guiding Principals. The promises they make reflect their deep commitment to their product, their employees, their customers, and their community. They inspire me to support their company.

Thank you Ingrid & Franklin for sharing your granola with us, and letting us tell the world about it. Now… I need to finish my lunch!

Vermont-made True North Granola

True North Granola – Made in Vermont

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