Vermont Sundae Sauce Company

Vermont Sundae Sauce Company

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Vermont Sundae Sauce

vermont sundae sauce company fudge sauceBobbie from The Vermont Sundae Sauce Company has set out to recreate her grandmother’s recipe for old fashioned hot fudge sauce. In doing this she has further developed 6 unique sauces to complement any ice cream or dessert (or to be eaten by the spoonful).

Bobbie strives to use the best, most fresh and local ingredients including cream from Thomas Dairy in Rutland Town. She makes and bottles her sauces in her own kitchen. It is a true labor of love and shows the respect she has for her product.

When my husband came home that night I told him that I had a product that he had to try. Something that was possibly even better than his Aunt Karla’s famous maple fudge. He snickered, laughed, and thought I was joking. When I handed him a spoonful of Vermont Sundae’s Maple Caramel his face lit up. With a mouthful of sticky sweetness I think he said “you are right” (although he might not admit that now).

Sorry Aunt Karla, we still love you and your fudge, but we are in love with Maple Caramel now too! Vermont Sundae’s Maple Caramel is wonderful. It’s thick and yet when warmed, even just at room temperature, it is smooth and creamy.

apples and caramel sauce, Vermont sundae sauce companyThere is no mistaking the Vermont maple that comes from Trask Maple from Rutland Town. I found lots of ways to enjoy Maple Caramel. I dipped apples into the Maple Caramel for a mid day treat. My family topped ice cream with the Maple Caramel and found it a perfect partner to vanilla ice cream and a homemade brownie. I like the idea of putting just a bit of Maple Caramel on ham for the holidays too.

Most of the jar of Hot Fudge Heaven was gone when I was ready to photograph it. I couldn’t help myself! It’s beyond delicious. I reasoned with myself that if I dip grapes into the chocolate goodness it could pass as breakfast (note: a breakfast that I sneak when the kids are not looking). Dip grapes, other fruits, top ice cream or just grab a spoon and enjoy Hot Fudge Heaven.

I am sure this sauce will be found in fine restaurants and establishments. It’s a well made and very enjoyed sauce. It’s not my goal to take pictures of half eaten blog products, but that is what I have to share today!

To celebrate your next special occasion I would suggest getting a jar of Vermont Sundae Sauce’s Chocolate Champagne. The exquisite blend of bittersweet chocolate and Brut champagne create fireworks in your mouth. This is a party sauce! I have a confession to make: the jars of Vermont Sundae Sauce are now hidden in the fruit drawer in the refrigerator, where my husband never looks! Below are a few more pictures to make your mouth water! Any of Bobbie’s decadent sauces would be happily received this holiday season. Find her products on her website:

brownie and caramel sauce

The Vermont Sundae Sauce Company – Made in Vermont Sweetness

Honi Bean Barrett grew up in Vermont. After college and traveling afar, she knew that Vermont is where she and her family should and would settle down and plant roots. Her blog came to life after her son asked her to buy local products at a Vermont Farmer’s Market. Honi set out to try, test, sample, and review these homegrown products for friends and family. In the process she found products that she loves, and she loves supporting the Vermont economy! Read another of Honi Bean Barrett’s reviews and be sure to check out her blog:

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