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Vermont Teddy Bear Company, ShelburneLocated in the Champlain Valley, Vermont Teddy Bear Company is one of the largest teddy bear manufacturers in the world and has been hand crafting teddy bears for over 20 years. This company produces, on average, an estimated 500,000 bears a year. Vermont Teddy Bear company started out as a booth at an open-air market and has grown to one of Vermont’s most successful corporations, and one of the world’s largest online retailers of these lovable stuffed animals. Ask us about Vermont Teddy Bear or share reviews and comments.

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Vermont Teddy Bear Factory,Vermont Teddy Bears, VT teddy bear factory, the Vermont teddy bear factoryHow do you wash a Vermont Bear? Well, after you catch him (try looking in the honeypot) you stuff him into a pillowcase and wash him on the delicate cycle. Next you hang him up by his ears to dry in the breeze. Don’t try this with a native Vermont Bears however, they dislike the heat and might get mad.

Before you decide to round yourself up a Vermont Bear to wash, visit the Vermont Teddy Bear Company in Shelburne Vermont. Vermont Teddy Bears like to be played with and loved.

Vermont Bears, VTBears, VermontBears, Teddy Bears, Teddie Bears, Bear online,So, what’s special about a Vermont Teddy Bear? Each and every one is handmade, no two bears are alike. The Bears from Vermont Teddy Bear are fully jointed, 100% child safe (as long as the Bears are bare), they are flame retardant and hypo allergenic. Most importantly though, these critters have a lifetime guarantee from Vermont Teddy Bear Company.

The colorful Vermont Teddy Bear factory offers factory tours. Find more information by visiting our Vermont Factory Tours section.

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