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VTcabot2Over the past 10 years, Cabot Cheese has been awarded every national and international award for its outstanding cheddar cheese. At the 22nd Biennial World Championship Cheese Contest in Green Bay Wisconsin, Cabot was recognized for the “World’s Best Cheddar,” and their Five Peppercorn Cheese was voted the “Best Flavored Cheese.”

If you have not tasted Cabot Cheese, you should. Cabot Cheddar is one of our favorite Vermont products here at Vermont Living. Thank you for visiting. Ask us about Cabot Vermont, share product reviews, or feature your business, contact VTLiving.

Cabot Creamery “World’s Best Cheddar Cheese”

VTcabotCabot’s story starts 80 years ago when it was founded by the farmers of Cabot, Vermont.  The Cooperative, formed during the turn of the century, the United States supported a multitude of dairy farmers, and milk was inexpensive to produce.

Most farmers produced far more milk than they could market and in 1919, farmers around Cabot got together to develop a new market for their surplus. These 94 innovative farmers discovered that by turning their milk into butter it could be easily transported to eager consumers in all regions of New England.

Soon the farmers realized a need for a manufacturing plant and again joined forces to purchase the first Cabot Creamery. Surely, these industrious farmers did not expect that 80 years later they would be competing in international cheese contests – they simply wanted a means by which to support their families. They paid a total of $3,700 and a cord of wood each to fuel the boiler and claim their place in Vermont history.

carriageShortly thereafter, the country’s demographics changed drastically with millions flocking to the cities for their piece of the bustling ‘business and industry’ pie. With this exodus came the need to ship large quantities of dairy products throughout New England. In addition to butter production came the need to supply milk to consumers in southern regions, and soon Cabot was supplying milk to bottling companies, as well as making cheddar and cottage cheeses.

Most of us can remember the ‘milkman’ with his morning delivery of glass milk bottles and other dairy products. Those days have long since vanished with the emergence of packaging plants, and by 1990 Cabot Creamery’s 400 farmer-owners from the North Country were supplying the Creamery with 330 million pounds of milk per year. Cabot was now producing the sought-after high-quality butter, cheeses, and yogurts seen in supermarkets today.

cabothdrIn 1992, Cabot Creamery merged with Agri-Mark, Inc. combining a total of 1,500 farmer-owners and four milk processing facilities. Bolstered by these expanded production facilities, the Cabot brand of dairy products has become extensive.

Cabot’s traditional cheddar cheese has won every major cheese-making prize awarded in the United States. All Cabot products are sold throughout New England, New York, the Mid-Atlantic states, parts of Florida and California, and in specialty food stores nationwide.

As it was 80 years ago, Cabot, Vermont is still a sleepy little farm community tucked into the rocky soil of Vermont’s rolling green hills. And, Cabot Creamery continues to bring pleasure to the people who buy their products, and value to the farmer-owners who supply their milk.

The Cabot Visitor’s Center, located on Route 215 in Cabot Village, is open for factory cheese-making tours and tastings. The summer hours begin on Memorial Day. Phone 800-837-4261. Vermont Living Magazine suggests you telephone in advance of your visit to confirm hours of operation.


Photo Title Price Buy
Cabot Bar Horseradish...image Cabot Bar Horseradish Cheddar. Pack of 4 units 8 oz each. $39.99 ($1.25 / Ounce) On Sale
igourmet Cabot Habanero...image igourmet Cabot Habanero Cheddar (7.5 ounce) $29.99 ($3.75 / Ounce) On Sale
J.K. Adams Cabot...image J.K. Adams Cabot Artisan Server, Brown $44.99 On Sale
  • One 8-ounce sharp cheddar cheese block
  • Good source of calcium. See nutrition panel for fat and saturated fat content
  • Contains milk
  • An Amazon brand
  • KERRYGOLD RESERVE AGED CHEDDAR: Made on family farms from all-natural ingredients, milk from grass-fed cows, & aged over 2 years, our Reserve Cheddar has even more intense flavor than our aged cheddar cheese.
  • DISTINCTIVELY SHARP RESERVE CHEDDAR: Extra sharp, strong, with a tangy bite & nutty undertone, this cheddar, aged for 2 years, has a rich, smooth finish that pairs as well with wine & crackers as beer & tacos.
  • KERRYGOLD CHEESE: From our sharp cheddar, to sweet and nutty Swiss, to mild and smooth Blarney Castle, or Cashel Blue Farmhouse, our cheeses are all-natural, made with milk from grass-fed cows.
  • KERRYGOLD BUTTER: We put the same care, quality, and craft into our all-natural cheeses as our beloved, richly flavorful, pure Irish butter. Kerrygold butter or cheese elevates any dish.
  • TASTE THE DIFFERENCE: Kerrygold butter & cheese are made with milk from grass-fed cows not treated with rBST or other growth hormones* & raised on Irish family dairy farms. This all-natural milk is what makes our products so flavorful & creamy.
  • Ingredients: Vermont Cheddar Cheese (Pasteurized Milk, Cheese Cultures, Salt, Enzymes), Water, Reduced Lactose Whey, Cream, Upstate NY Port Wine, Whey, Sorbic Acid (Preservation), Sea Salt, Lactic Acid, Guar Gum, Red #40, Blue #1
  • Shipped Priority Mail With Gel Packs
  • 8 oz Tub of Spreadable Cheese
  • Creamy Cabot Cheddar Paired With a Touch of Sweet, Plummy Flavor From Port Wine
  • Delicious on Crackers and Pairs Well With Fruit Like Grapes and Cranberries
  • You can savor that extra kick on its own
  • Enjoy with apple slices or spicy chutney for a complex burst of East Coast
  • It’s got that perfect "East Coast Cheddar Bite” and makes for excellent snacking paired with roasted nuts and chilled beer
  • Made in Vermont
  • Pasteurized cow's mik, vegetarian rennet
  • 4 x 8 oz.
  • Award-winning taste
  • Aged a minimum of 9 months for bold flavor
  • Creamy texture and a rich, buttery tang
  • Perfect on snack platters, sandwiches, or grated into chili

Try some Cabot Creamery Recipes!

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