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vermont equestrian vacations horseback riding stablesVermont is an ideal place to take a horseback ride or stable your horse. There are approximately 20,000 horses living in Vermont. Vermont Equestrian Centers and Equine activities contribute substantially to the states economy. The estimated economic impact of horses, horse shows and other equine events in Vermont exceeds $28 million a year. Vermont Loves horse and horse lovers love Vermont! The Vermont Department of Agriculture estimates that horses and other equines are responsible for about 100,000 acres of open space in the state. So, praise the horse, the Morgan, the mare, the filly, the stallion, and the foal! Visit the Vermont businesses below for more information. Ask us about VT Equine vacations or share your Vermont horseback riding and stable reviews with us. To feature your Vermont business, contact us.

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Domesticated by humans since prehistoric times, the horse is truly a “Beast of Burden.” Horses have been used in Vermont for centuries to work the fields and help harvest maple syrup. The Morgan horse is still utilized for that purpose today. Vermont horse-shows and equine events feature thoroughbreds and trained horseback riders. This page is dedicated to the horse, the horse lover, and every breed of equine, especially the Morgan horse, of course!

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