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Waterford VTWaterford VermontWaterford, Vermont was settled under the name Littleton. Waterford is seated across from Littleton, NH on the Moore Reservoir.

Waterford includes the town center, known as “White Village”, and Waterford Springs.  Waterford Springs is a privately owned real estate development that features year-round and seasonal residences.

Waterford is a popular destination for New England Inn travelers, the well-known Rabbit Hill Inn is located in the town’s center.

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Discovering Waterford, Vermont: A Comprehensive Exploration of History, Nature, and Community Living

White Village Waterford VermontNortheast Kingdom of Vermont, the town of Waterford beckons with its rich history, charming villages, and pristine natural beauty is a popular visitor destination.

History of Waterford:

Founded in 1780, Waterford boasts a captivating history that echoes through its well-preserved architecture and cultural landmarks. Originally named Littleton, the town was eventually rechristened Waterford, drawing inspiration from Waterford, Ireland, reflecting the Irish heritage of its early settlers. The Waterford Historical Society, a treasure trove of artifacts and documents, serves as a portal to the town’s past, allowing visitors to immerse themselves in its colonial-era charm.

Villages, Districts, and Neighborhoods:

Waterford comprises several distinctive villages, each with its own character and charm. White Village or Lower Waterford, with its well-preserved historic buildings and the iconic Rabbit Hill Inn, is a focal point of the town’s allure. Waterford Springs, a residential area, complements the town’s charm with a blend of modern amenities and natural beauty. Early settlers created several districts of the town, with names like Upper Waterford (the village “up” the Connecticut River), Lower Waterford, West Waterford, and Waterford Hollow.

Parks, Recreation Areas, Hikes, and Historic Sites:

Waterford is a haven for outdoor enthusiasts, boasting a plethora of parks, recreation areas, and hiking trails. The picturesque Duck Pond provides a serene escape for nature lovers. The massive Commerford Dam on the Connecticut River offers both scenic views and recreational possibilities for residents and visitors alike. Davies Forest remains a favorite among hikers, immersing them in the town’s lush woodlands.

Rabbit Hill Inn VermontPlaces of Interest:

Waterford’s cultural and architectural heritage comes alive through its notable places of interest. The Rabbit Hill Inn, located in the heart of White Village, has become synonymous with Waterford’s charm and hospitality. This Vermont inn offers guests a unique experience, combining historic allure with modern comfort. Exploring these sites provides a deep understanding of Waterford’s evolution and the warmth of its community.

Lakes, Ponds, and Rivers:

Waterford’s landscape is adorned with pristine lakes and tranquil ponds. Duck Pond, surrounded by picturesque scenery in White Village, offers residents and visitors a peaceful retreat. The Connecticut River, flowing through the town, adds to the scenic beauty, complemented by the iconic Commerford Dam. The town’s commitment to preserving its natural beauty is evident in these bodies of water, creating a harmonious environment.

Waterford VT Real Estate Values and Options:

For those considering calling Waterford home, these Northeast Kingdom Vermont real estate agents can help. From historic homes in Lower Waterford to the residential enclave of Waterford Springs, the town offers a mix of housing options to suit different preferences and budgets. Waterford’s real estate values reflect the town’s desirability, with a strong sense of community binding its neighborhoods.

Davies Memorial Library Waterford VermontPopulation and Demographics:

Waterford’s population, while modest, contributes to the town’s close-knit community. The demographics paint a picture of a town with a mix of age groups, including families, retirees, and young professionals drawn to the town’s tranquility and natural beauty. Waterford boasts the highest per capita income of any town or city in the Northeast Kingdom, reflecting the town’s prosperity.

Waterford Vermont Town Office Information:

For those seeking to learn more or become a part of the Waterford community, the town office serves as a valuable resource.

Waterford Town Offices
Mailing Address: PO Box 56, Lower Waterford, VT 05848-0056

Physical Address: 532 Maple St, Lower Waterford, VT 05848
Ph: (802) 748-2122 |
Mon, Tues, & Thurs 8:30AM-3:30PM, Wed 11AM-6PM, Closed Fridays

Weather Averages and Quality of Life:

Waterford’s weather, characterized by distinct seasons, offers residents the beauty of changing landscapes throughout the year. The average temperature ranges from [Temperature in Winter] in winter to [Temperature in Summer] in summer, creating a diverse environment for outdoor activities. This climate, combined with the town’s natural beauty and high per capita income, contributes to a quality of life that draws residents and visitors alike.

Waterford Springs VermontWaterford VT Living:

Living in Waterford goes beyond the physical spaces and natural beauty; it encompasses a sense of community and a connection to the town’s rich history. Residents enjoy a peaceful and idyllic lifestyle, with access to outdoor recreation, cultural events, and a strong community spirit. The town’s commitment to preserving its heritage while embracing modern amenities creates a unique living experience that continues to attract individuals seeking a tranquil and fulfilling life in the Northeast Kingdom.

Waterford, Vermont, stands as a testament to the seamless blend of history, nature, and community living. From the charming Rabbit Hill Inn in White Village to the serene Duck Pond, the town invites residents and visitors alike to immerse themselves in its timeless charm. With a commitment to preserving its heritage and a vision for a prosperous future, Waterford remains a hidden gem in the Northeast Kingdom, offering a unique and enriching living experience for those who seek it.

Waterford’s “White Village” is an often photographed section of town that features centuries-old houses, a church, a post office, and the famous Rabbit Hill Inn. To share your Waterford, VT information, contact us.

Chartered: 1780
County: Caledonia
Waterford, VT Population:
2020: 1,288

GPS Coordinates:
Latitude: 44.224
Longitude: -71.5658

Waterford, VT Local Information
Waterford Town Offices: 802-748-2122
Official Town of Waterford Website:

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