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Vermont Fresh Network, Farm Chef PartnershipOne of the most exciting developments in recent years to promote buying local and eating healthy is the Vermont Fresh Network. The Vermont Fresh Network encourages farmers, food producers and chefs to work together to build partnerships – and promote local commerce. Working farms have long been a vital part of Vermont and the Vermont Fresh Network is helping farmers maximize their products and profits. Ask us about Vermont Fresh Network or share your Vermont food comments. To feature your business, contact us.

The Vermont Fresh Network

Vermont Fresh networkThe Vermont Fresh Network also promotes Vermont chefs and restaurants that use Vermont grown and produced foods. Food Education is another role that the Vermont Fresh Network has undertaken. Making consumers aware of the wholesomeness, nutritional value, freshness, and safety of Vermont grown foods, as well as the economic impact of supporting Vermont businesses.

Membership of the Vermont Fresh Network (VFN) provides benefits to Vermont farmers, chefs, food growers and consumers who enjoy healthy food and eating out. Details about becoming a member may be found at the Vermont Fresh Network website or by contacting the Vermont Fresh Network.

The Vermont Fresh Network
PO Box 895
Richmond, VT 05477
Ph: 802-434-2000

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